Construction of а Youth Center financed by AES commenced in Galabovo

Март 27, 2015

The company will invest BGN4.4 million in the project to be executed in partnership with the municipality

With an official groundbreaking ceremony started the construction of a Youth Center in Galabovo. Special guests were Deputy Minister of Energy, Nikolay Nikolov,  District Governor of Stara Zagora, Georgi Ranov, and the success of the venture was blessed by His Holiness, Metropolitan Galaktion.

The project is a joint initiative of AES – Galabovo and the Municipality. Its financing, with an estimated cost of BGN 4.4 million , is entirely provided by AES. The Municipality of Galabovo will construct, at its expense, embankment along the Sazliika River, to protect the Community Center from high river water.

„The energy industry is undergoing a crisis period at the moment, but even under these circumstances we want to keep our promise and build the youth center, because it represents what we are doing and will continue to do for the local community”, said the President of AES Europe, Julian Nebreda, who arrived in Galabovo to attend the ceremony.

The executive director of AES Bulgaria, Olivier Marquette, said that AES is the “future of the town.” “This is a newly built power plant, that will operate for decades to come and will provide employment for the local community”, he said and underlined that the plant complies with the highest safety and environmental standards. “In addition, it is very important to us to be a part of the local community and contribute to improving the lives of the people in Galabovo”, said Marquette.

„AES is a role model for how investors should behave in a community”, said Mayor Nikolay Tonev.

Deputy Minister of Economy, Nikolay Nikolov said that such an example of public-private cooperation in the name of the people is an excellent example and will be followed not only in Galabovo municipality but also in other parts of the country. „I believe that the corporate social responsibility is a key element in the modern business practice and business culture and will lead to a success of any enterprise that gains the support of the local community”, underlined Nikolov.

The Youth Center will be located in the park of Galabovo, between the town stadium, the Sazliika River and the roundabout. Currently the place is occupied by an unused building, built long time ago for a ritual house that suffered heavily from frequent floods of the nearby river. The park around the building needs renovation too.

The construction of the center is estimated to continue for two years. When finalized, the complex will be the most up-to-date facility for sports and recreation in Stara Zagora Region. It will include a main building with built-up area of 765 м2 and a total area of 1237 м2. The Youth Center will house a summer stage of 108 м2, a green stage, a playground, a reading room and an open exhibition. There will be a gym too. The project includes full renovation of the park area around the Center with a total area of 45 872 м2.

The renovation of the Youth Community Center in Galabovo is the biggest initiative of the public-private partnership in the municipality. It is part of AES Corporate Social Responsibility Program exceeding 3.3 million euros invested so far.