Since its commissioning to date, the AES Bulgaria wind park reduced Bulgaria’s climate impact by over 3,5 mln. tons of CO2 emissions

In 2023, St. Nikola Wind Farm saved Bulgaria 300, 000 tons of carbon emissions

February 15, 2024

In 2023, St. Nikola Wind Farm saved Bulgaria more than 300, 000 tons of carbon emissions. Thanks to the operations of its 52 turbines, the largest wind facility in Bulgaria helped the country emit less CO2, as shown by the park’s annual results.

Since its commissioning in 2010 to date, AES Bulgaria wind park has reduced Bulgaria’s climate impact by over 3,5 mln. tons of CO2 emissions. The same effect would have been achieved by the photosynthesis of 3 million trees for 70 years. With its operations and by generating carbon-free green energy, St. Nikola Wind Farm has saved the environment an amount of carbon emissions equivalent to the exhaust gases of 2 billion liters of car-used diesel.

‘This once again proves that St. Nikola Wind Farm is not only crucial for Bulgaria’s energy system but it also contributes to the global efforts for climate change mitigation. AES is continuously working for Bulgaria’s energy sector decarbonization and for accelerating the greener future of energy’, commented Olivier Marquette, President, AES Bulgaria, AES India, AES Jordan, Netherlands.

Through the operations of St. Nikola Wind Farm, which represents over 20% of the installed wind capacity in Bulgaria, the country meets the EU requirements for a RES share in the energy mix.

About AES Bulgaria

AES is the largest investor in the energy sector in Bulgaria. The company owns and operates the newest and most advanced thermal power plant in Southeastern Europe--AES’ TPP in Galabovo, and is the major owner and operator of the largest wind farm in the country, “Saint Nikola,” near the town of Kavarna.

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