Global scale,

local impact

The AES Corporation is a Fortune 500 global power company that operates on four continents.

Want to know how we accelerate the future of energy for everyone?


We call it global x local.


You might hear other companies say they are both global and local. At AES, it’s true for us in a way that’s impossible for others to claim.  

We are the only US-based global power company in the world, which gives us a unique set of knowledge to develop and deliver unique energy solutions.  

Our deep local roots mean that we are completely integrated and invested in the communities where we work. We respect and understand the local culture to deliver greener energy solutions in the way that makes the best sense for each community. 

Our global reach means we have the ability and responsibility to develop and deliver new solutions, and to do so at scale. We share the experiences we have so that we can bring innovation and a broader range of solutions from one market to another. 

AES Bulgaria

AES Bulgaria is the largest foreign investor in Bulgaria´s energy sector over the last 30 years, and we are committed to the stabilization of the country’s energy sector and energy independent through our diversified power generation facilities.

The Saint Nikola wind farm, owned by AES Geo Energy, a joint venture between AES and Geo Power, is the largest wind farm in Bulgaria with a capacity of 156 MW. St. Nikola is the backbone of the Integrated Early Warning System for Bird Protection, which complies with the European requirements for the preservation of wild birds. The integrated system minimizes the risk of bird collisions with the rotating parts of the wind turbines by stopping single turbines or the entire wind farm and implements a monitoring program during the risk periods for species of protection significance.

AES Bulgaria is a key player in AES’ digital transformation, remotely managing the operations of AES Netherlands’ Advancion® energy storage system, officially unveiled in 2016. The array, located in Vlissingen, enables greater levels of renewable energy integration, enhances grid reliability and reduces costs by providing fast response balancing services to the electric grid.

We are invested in Bulgaria’s energy future, today and tomorrow. With an estimated investment of nearly EUR 1,3 billion, the 600 MW net TPP AES Galabovo represents the newest and most modern power plant in Southeast Europe. The plant’s waste disposal facility uses the most advanced and environmentally-friendly storage and preservation technology.

All of our activities are directed by AES’ values – Safety First, Highest Standards and All Together. Putting these values into action means that we’re not only committed to accelerating a greener energy future in Bulgaria, but making impacts in our communities through social development within a diverse set of corporate social responsibility programs, complying with the most environmental standards to maintain a resilient and healthy, and sustainable economic growth through job creation within the communities where we work.