Daniela Slavova

AES Eurasia Inventory and Demand Planner

Daniel is an Inventory and Demand Planner at AES Eurasia’s Service Center. in Sofia He says, “My career at AES Bulgaria started 14 years ago as administration support to the construction team for the Galabovo coal power plant, the most modern plant in the Balkan region. Eight years ago, I moved to warehouse management. My initial focus was on physical sorting and reordering spares by categories, deleting duplicate material records and improving daily warehouse processes.

In 2013 I had the chance to participate in a global project for inventory data migration, which enriched and enhanced my knowledge in change management. The following year, I discovered opportunities for inventory optimization, which turned into my passion.

For me, AES is a great place to work. The company encourages embracing and understanding differences that could be based on culture, gender, race, experience, etc, and creates a sense of belonging and appreciation at the workplace for myself and my colleagues. AES is a multicultural and multinational company where everyone can benefit from the different approaches, patterns, and mentalities to build on best practices”