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    ТЕЦ AES Гълъбово и вятърен парк „Свети Никола“ отново отличени с престижна международна награда за безопасност

    The two facilities receive the International Safety Awards 2022 given by the British Safety Council ТЕЦ AES Гълъбово и вятърен парк „Свети Никола“ отново отличени с престижна международна награда за безопасност
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    For another year, TPP AES Galabovo, the most modern coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria, and the largest wind farm in the country St. Nikola (AES Geo Energy) have been distinguished with a prestigious international safety award. They received International Safety Awards 2022, given by the highly esteemed British Safety Council. These are the most outstanding awards regarding safety and health in the workplace.

    TPP AES Galabovo and St. Nikola Wind Farm received an award in the ‘Merit’ category for all the efforts made in 2021 in terms of safety.

    ‘At AES, we always put safety first, and it is one of our core values. The safety and health of our employees are our main priority in everything we do. We are happy that our efforts were recognized for one more year’, Ivan Tzankov, Managing Director of AES Bulgaria stressed.

    The British Safety Council International Safety Awards recognize organizations that have demonstrated commitment to occupational health, safety and wellbeing, regardless of their size or the sector they operate within.


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