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    Bulgaria's AES Galabovo produces 2.25 million MWh in Jan-Oct

    Bulgaria's AES Galabovo produces 2.25 million MWh in Jan-Oct

    Bulgaria's thermal power plant (TPP) AES Galabovo produced some 2.25 million MWh of electricity in the first ten months of the year, the plant's owner AES Bulgaria said on Thursday.

    The plant's output is equal to 8.4% of the total domestic consumption in the review period, AES Bulgaria said in a statement.

    The power plant has prepared for the forthcoming winter season and has 422,000 tonnes of coal at its storage facilities, which will allow it to function for three weeks without additional supplies.

    In 1999, a unit of U.S.-based energy conglomerate AES Corporation purchased the majority interest in Bulgaria's Maritsa East 1 project, subsequently renamed AES Galabovo in 2009. AES completed the full acquisition of the 600 MW thermal power plant from Ireland's Consolidated Continental Commerce Limited (3C) in 2005.

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